LAST UPDATED: November 22, 2020

· Give Thanks: Even in the midst of pandemic, let us rise above our circumstances to look to God, give Him praise for who He is, and thanks for what He has done. Let us also thank God for the brothers and sisters we have in CCSV.

· Pray Without Ceasing: COVID-19 cases are surging nationwide. Let us continue to pray for the wellbeing of our safe parking guests and our CCSV family. Additionally, pray for our new & old administrations to handle the virus and for people to follow the CDC guidelines.

· Congregational Meeting: On Sunday, December 6th, CCSV will hold a Congregational Meeting to discuss and vote on Pastor Joe’s Terms of Call.

· Communion: Thank you for joining us in Communion today. It is a joy to celebrate the Lord’s Supper with you all. Peace be with you.

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