LAST UPDATED: January 17, 2021

· An Introduction to Core-Group Discipleship: On January 20th, from 7 PM to 8:15 PM, Pastor Steve Norman of Hope Community Church will give us a presentation on a “discipleship triad.” A triad is a group of three people meeting every week for Bible study, prayer, support and accountability in order to grow as followers of Christ. Though it was meant for steering committee members and small group leaders, anyone interested can join us on Zoom. Be on the lookout this week for the Zoom invite!

· 2021 Small Group Kick-Off: Next Sunday, we will recognize all the small group leaders, steering committee members and Christian educators who will serve in 2021. The congregation will commission them for their service and support them with prayer. Pastor Joe will also share the new format for small groups.

· This Week’s OT Story Reading Schedule:
Monday: Genesis 13
Tuesday: Genesis 14
Wednesday: Genesis 15
Thursday: Genesis 16
Friday: Genesis 17
Saturday: Genesis 18

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