LAST UPDATED: June 10, 2024

Tiny Pine Project: Let’s keep our Paradise Tiny Homes Project Team in our prayers as they serve this week. Let us also pray for their health as the heat wave continues in that region.

Spring Bible Study on Ephesians: Ephesians study will be paused this week. It will resume on Wednesday, June 19th.

Father’s Day Outdoor Worship: 6/16 Sunday @ Portal Park, Cupertino
Join us this coming Sunday for our annual Father’s Day outdoor worship, BBQ picnic, and fellowship. Bring your picnic chairs, blankets, shades, coolers, etc for a great time together.
(Worship will NOT be at our regular church building!)

CCSV Summer Retreat – “Being a Healing Community”: 8/16 – 8/18 @ Mission Springs
Join us this summer to explore being a healed community and reaching out to heal the broken world, with guest speaker Monch Kim.
Please go HERE to register, or to see information on fees and discounts.

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