Global Mission

Currently we are supporting two overseas missionaries

1) Rev. E.K. Kim in Kyoto, Japan is doing campus outreach through KCCC

2) Rev. Richard Cho educates church leaders in Turkey through a website

In many churches, mission policy changes whenever the mission committee chair changes. And churches support a random set of missionaries because somebody in the church knows somebody. But we want to have a consistent long term mission vision and strategy. The following are what we have agreed on.

1) We want to support missions in the unreached parts of the world. Some people groups are saturated with missionaries and churches while other groups do not have any missionaries or churches.

2) Rather than spreading out our resources on various missions, we would like to focus our resources on one specific people group or a village. Currently, we are in the process of discerning where God would want us to share the good news. And we want to develop a long term relationship with our focus group.

3) We want to support or direct mission efforts with an emphasis in church planting and disciple making rather than on relief or social services.

4) Ultimately, we want to be a missionary sending church. We hope to identify, train and send a missionary from our own church. Short term missions can be used to identify future long term missionaries.

Short Term Missions

Each year, we support several college students go overseas on a short term mission trips. Many of our students go to China, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia through Campus Crusade for Christ.  In the past, we have sent short term mission teams to Fresno, California  to work among the Hmong refugees and to Rancho Santa Marta, Mexico to do children’s ministry.  In the future, we hope to develop a long term relationship by sending our team to the same location annually for ten years.