April 30: “The Table of Grace” (Exodus 24:9-11 & Luke 22:7-20)

Meals in the Bible seal covenants and extend God’s grace. A theme of eating in God’s presence runs throughout the Bible: the Passover, manna, the bread in the tabernacle, Levi’s party, the feeding of the five thousand, the great banquet in Luke, and the last supper. But I want to focus on one particular story in the Old Testament. No one could approach the holy God on Mt Sinai. Yet the 70 elders of Israel went up with Moses and beheld God, eating and drinking in God’s presence. God did not raise his hand against them because they were sprinkled with blood. This is what happens when we take Communion: covered by the blood of Christ, we eat in God’s presence, beholding his glory. Do you long to commune with God in His presence? Come in faith to the table of grace.

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